Forging Process&Quality Control
Material Incoming
Incoming Inspection
(1) Visual Inspection
(2) Documents Review
(3) Chemical Testing
Material Cutting
Cutted Material Check
(1) Weight Check
(2) Dimensions Check
(3) Quality Check
Prefoming Inspection
(1) Weight Check
(2) Dimensions Check
Shot Blasting
Surface Check
(1) Surface Check after Shot Blasting
(2) Dimensions Check
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment Check
(1) Mechanical Testing:Hardness Test,
Metallographic Test
Final Check
(1)The finished products Surface Check
Shot Blasting
Surface Check
(1)Surface check after Shot Blasting
(2)Dimensions Check
Before delivery, we will send the Dimensions Inspection Report, Material Report, Physical Performance Report and Products Photos for customers to confirm
Surface Treatment
Surface Treatment Check
(1)HDG Thickness Check
(2)Surface Check
(3)Dimensions Check